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Portronics Car Power 2T 2.4A

MRP 399.00

Price 200.00
  • BRAND: Portronics
  • SKU: PH5651106
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2.4A Car Charger with Dual USB Ports

POR -663

DUAL USB PORTS- This car charger can now conveniently charge two devices simultaneously without the any problem, these ports allow you to charge almost all USB based charging gadgets

MULTIPLE PROTECTION- The charger is equipped with special safeguards and filters to prevent excessive current from overloading and overheating your devices and render you a comfy , safe and durable experience

COMPACT SIZE- Slim and Compact and lightweight body (20 g) takes up minimal space and looks elegant too. It comes with 1meter micro USB charging Cable

WIDE COMPATIBILITY- It supports all kinds of devices and can quickly charge a mobile phone, camera or tab without a hiccup