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Belkin QL Wireless Charging Pad

Price 2,999.00
  • BRAND: Belkin
  • SKU: PH731377
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Belkin QL Wireless Charging Pad (5W)

5 W Qi-certified Wireless Charging: Charges phones with integrated Qi functionality or devices equipped with a Qi-receiving battery case; certification ensures high quality and device compatibility


Charges as fast as a conventional charger: With 5 W/1 A output, the charger delivers power quickly and smoothly to your smartphone without having to sacrifice any speed compared to a wired charger


Soft, secure charging pad with LED indicator: The soft and smooth charging pad grabs your device safely while a LED indicator lights up to show if charging via induction is in progress


Elegant, compact design: The compact, fanless, travel-friendly design does not take up much space on your desktop or nightstand while the black finish ideally blends into any environment